Stories of Transformation

February 18, 2016

It’s a secret. Living Room Conversations transforms our relationships with people we thought we knew.  And it’s in a very, very good way. That’s the secret…talking with others using proven guidelines . . . allows us to practice listening, empathy and find common interests with others that we didn’t know. What’s the best part of secrets? Sharing them!

Today we’ll hear from people who have co-hosted and participated in one or more Living Room Conversations—but not with each other.  They will share what they thought the Living Room Conversation was and what actually happened. These stories will warm your heart and give you hope that the beyond the partisan bickering of a presidential election year, we can connect with each other and enjoy our time together.

Living Room Conversations places our humanity above our politics and allows deep sharing so our hearts can open up to one another. Join us as we share how our own lives have transformed as a result.