the empathic eye

favorite photos from Joan Blades

a word from Joan


I am excited to share my photos in this fundraiser for Living Room Conversations. Use the photos as backgrounds, print them or just enjoy. I took these photos as a way to more fully appreciate a moment and a way to connect with people I care about.

I’m hoping that you will like the photos so much that you will be inspired to share with a friend or two. It would be a joyful thing if we could have more people to embrace the vision for creating a culture of respect and belonging through reflecting on the beauty that can be found in our world.


How does this relate to Living Room Conversations?

Our co-founder, Joan Blades, is a photographer. For this show, we chose her photographs because we love them and we hope they’ll inspire you to see us in a new light–with your own “empathic eye.” We hope you’ll be inspired to give to Living Room Conversations here on this page (see next tab) because we have helped you forge connections to people as well as to these humorous, powerful, lovely photographs.

What can I do with these photos?

These images are yours to use! A desktop background, a phone background, or even on video calls. You can also print them off to use in your home, workplace, or as a gift.

Potential email gift note

I was inspired to give you an unconventional gift this year. A photo background for your video calls taken by Joan Blades of Living Room Conversations.   I’ve given Living Room Conversations a donation of $? in appreciation for the photo and the work they do to promote understanding, connection, peace and goodwill!  Choose whatever photo you wish.  

Wishing you……

How do I access the images?

You can access the full-sized images here. You will also receive a link via email if you choose to donate. If you give it as a gift you will have the option to send an e-card to the honoree.

Why should I donate?

There’s no “should” about it! The photographs on display are for you to enjoy. We hope they’ll inspire you to give to Living Room Conversations because we have helped you spend moments caring and enjoying something fresh, and new, lovely, humorous, or powerful, just like in a Living Room Conversation itself. All proceeds raised from each Gallery show go to Living Room Conversations to support our ongoing programming.  Click here to give or scroll to the bottom of each set of photos.

Should you wish to download a photograph, please do–and again, consider a gift to Living Room Conversations. Click here to access and download images.

Artist Statement

There is light, color, form, and spaces that exist in this world that are indescribably beautiful. When I walk in the hills or just along the street, I am struck by the way leaves are lit or shadows interact, mist and clouds, leaves scattered on the ground, flowers having a moment…I often regret looking away to continue on my journey.   What I see is so abundant–how amazing to capture a fraction of it to return to. I share these photos with people I love because perhaps a picture is worth much more than a thousand words. My photos celebrate a moment, and give me a way to examine and savor it.  They are my gratitude for what we have and inspiration for protecting it.

Joan Blades