organizational pillars

These four pillars represent the values of Living Room Conversations. We look towards these values to guide the work that goes into everything that we do

respectful connection

Our model, including our conversation agreements, prioritizes the need we all have to be seen and heard. This value underscores the importance of communicating with care, being authentic, and engaging with integrity.

Living Room Conversations embodies respectful connection through…

our conversation agreements

the structure of guides that give equal time to participants and prioritizes feeling seen and heard in conversation

offering conversation events

our question of the week being available for all to answer and see the responses of others

open and curious of human experiences

As part of the bridge building movement, we embrace diversity of thought and experience. Our guides are reviewed by a diverse team to make them as welcoming as possible across differences and to make sure our questions draw out personal experiences, allowing us to see each other more fully and as individuals.

Living Room Conversations embodies being open and curious of human experiences through…

encouragement to invite in others that have different views and experiences

questions target personal experience

being a leader of the bridge building movement

reviewing guides with a diverse team to make guides as welcoming as possible across differences

amplifying a wide variety of voices on social media, our podcast, newsletter, events, and more

building and
supporting community

Communities are the heart our work. We are open-source– empowering communities around the country to use our guides to connect, build understanding, and appreciation. We work hard to support and understand the needs of our communities of practice and partner with organizations to develop guides, resources, and events that are topical and responsive to the community’s needs.

Living Room Conversations embodies building and supporting community through…

being open source

offering nonprofit rates and scholarships

co-developing guides with organizations

topical and timely resources

offering monthly Learning Community Gatherings

collecting feedback and data from our community allowing us to bring forward the best resources to our community

fostering belonging and inclusion

Before we can solve and address some of the largest issues we face in society, we need to face each other and [extend a place at the table/signal that everyone belongs/ is needed/ is part of the solution]. We may have started by focusing on political peacebuilding, but have expanded from there to our racial equity work, focus on belonging and shared values, and mental health. We have learned our model is a powerful tool for connecting people and that connection is transformative.

Living Room Conversations fosters belonging and inclusion through…

our guide and question design inviting active listening and empathy that helps participants explore the nuance of their own positions

our racial equity, mental health, and belonging specific work

having two community engagement partners dedicated to helping communities utilize Living Room Conversations to connect and bridge divides