Getting Uncomfortable Together

Picture this: People are gathered around in the living room talking about politics. Or religion. You know, the big stuff that it seems like nobody agrees on. The people in the room don’t agree either, but they aren’t fighting. Believe it or not, this scene is taking place in living rooms across the country.

In this episode, Andrea explores how and why people are voluntarily getting out of their comfort zones by engaging people with different viewpoints. Joan Blades, a co-founder of Living Room Conversations, explains how to host one of these gatherings on your own. We’ll even give you a blueprint for how you can make yourself uncomfortable too.


Host your own discussion. We’ve partnered with Living Room Conversations to create a custom discussion guide — all the information is below. Your mission: Gather your guests, listen to the first episode of Next Door Strangers together, and then take the plunge using the guide we’ve crafted for you.