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Recorded on October 22nd at 4pm-5pm PT/7pm-8pm ET 

Listen and watch six leaders in climate and conservation speak about the climate and the future of our world.

We all want to live in a healthy environment, yet most of us make compromises to enjoy the benefits of modern society. And some forms of pollution we have more control over than others. How much influence do citizens have over the quality of the environment they live in? Is keeping our environment healthy good or bad for the economy? What is our role in protecting the environment?

Previous Episodes

& Conservatism

This strain of conservatism involves prioritizing our local geographic identities while “conserving” our civic institutions (from the workplace to religious organizations) and what might be called “community commons” that anchor community life (parks, community centers, libraries and other common resources). Join us as six individuals with different views and life experiences talk about communitarianism and conservatism and what it means to them.


Juneteenth celebrates the ending of slavery in the United States on June 19th, 1865. This date marks when Union soldiers arrived in Galveston, Texas to share the news of freedom from enslavement. Note that this was two and a half years after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation.

In this Living Room Conversation LIVE, six Black community leaders gather to share what Juneteenth means to them, offer ways others can honor this day, and consider their vision for continued liberation.

The Future Through the Eyes of Youth Leaders

Watch our latest Living Room Conversations Live with members of our Youth Council.

“Our faith in the future and humanity starts to wane,” says Irshad Molla, member of Living Room Conversations’ Youth Council. “Yet no matter the setbacks, the youth leaders I’m lucky enough to work alongside of every day have fire in our hearts, and an unshakeable belief in a brighter future.”


LRC LIVE: Talking About Race and Ethnicity

In this Living Room Conversations Live, our six participants will explore the complexities of the concepts of race, ethnicity, and their impacts on people from all walks of life. We’ll hear from people just like you as they reflect on how their own racial and ethnic identity impacts one’s sense of belonging, the generalizations we make about other groups, one’s role in fighting against racism, and our vision for racial justice.


LRC LIVE: Let’s Talk About Women

Women connect and uplift each other in so many ways and communities are strengthened when women gather together to support each other. Watch the recording of this live-steam conversation where our very own Becca Kearl will brought together women from her own community committed to advocacy, change and understanding the issues that affect women everywhere. 


In this Living Room Conversation LIVE, we will explore what trust looks like in our individual lives, communities, and larger systems. We’ll hear from people just like you as they explore the barriers and benefits of developing trust across the many facets of our lives.



LRC LIVE: A Potluck Across Generations

Watch our bring your own family member event with light-hearted, timely conversation drawing from some of your favorite Living Room Conversation Guides.




Election 2020: Moving Forward Together

Watch our Living Room Conversation about finding common ground in this tumultuous time with Grover Norquist, Marianne Williamson, and other guests. 




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