If you are connected to a library as an employee or supporter, or would like to ask your librarians to host Living Room Conversations, this page is for you!

Libraries have long served as core community leaders and agents of change. Our library community is made up of libraries across the country that are bringing their community members together to connect and participate in civil dialogue with one another. Living Room Conversations can be a one-time event as well as a continual library program. Our easy-to-replicate format engages community members and helps libraries to be welcoming and inclusive community centers.

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Charleston County Public Library used Living Room Conversations to bring together community members with different viewpoints to talk about divisive issues.

Estes Valley Library & Estes Valley Restorative Justice Partnership launched a Community Conversations initiative to improve communications, promote problem-solving, and elevate local conversations.

Check out our guest post on Library Land about the role that libraries can play in Talking for Change.

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Annie Caplan is the Living Room Conversations’ Community Engagement Partner. She is the expert on getting Living Room Conversations going at your library. Get in touch with her about your library work by filling out the form below.

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