Host Portal

Living Room Conversations don’t require any special skills or certifications to host yourself. However, we have a number of resources to support you in hosting and organizing your own conversations. 

Host Toolkit

Walk through this step-by-step process on hosting a conversation in your community, online or by video, or within your organization.

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Custom Host & Organizer Trainings

Recommended for those looking to build understanding within a specific organization, community, or corporation. This training includes a co-branded PDF packet with resources not available in our standard Host Toolkit. It also includes program design, support for implementation, and a hosted conversation on the topic of your choice. We can pull from content from the other training offerings, offer a combination of both, or focus on building conversation skills in general.

Each custom training is unique—please schedule a consultation for more information.

Connecting Through Conversation Course
We know that anyone willing to honor the conversation agreements can host a Living Room Conversation, including you! Those wanting to grow their practice or deep dive into the power of conversation can now join our Connecting Through Conversation Course.
This course will prepare you to bring better conversation to all aspects of your personal and professional lives and better connect with others through conversation.

We offer full and partial scholarships.

Other Hosting Resources