Great Gatherings

Great conversations begin with good questions.

No matter how different our gatherings look this year, with a little planning and creativity, we can still make them memorable and meaningful.

Need some inspiration, tips, or resources to bring more connection into your next gathering? We’ve got you covered.

Watch our #LRClive!

Watch the recording of LRC Live: A Potluck Across Generations, where members of our Staff and Youth Council engaged in a casual, intergenerational conversation. It’s a bring your own family member event with light-hearted, timely conversation drawing from some of your favorite Living Room Conversation Guides.  

Watch the recorded conversation, follow along with guide, and start a conversation of your own on the Living Room Conversations Junto, our meaningful conversation platform.

Good Questions for Great Gatherings
Printables / PDFs

We’ve made it easy to sprinkle your favorite Living Room Conversation questions wherever you’re gathered, in the car, at the dinner table, even over Zoom.  

We’ve combed through our vast library of conversation guides to curate a few different conversational menus.

Choose a list, print it off, and bring to your next gathering. Invite your guests to choose a question, or mix and match between guides!

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Check Out Our Friends and Family Guide

Holidays can be complicated, even without a pandemic, and conversations with family can be uniquely challenging. Emotional stakes tend to be higher, conversations are colored by history, and it can feel easier to rehash old arguments.   

But with a few tools and tips, holiday conversations with our family members, can be rich, meaningful, and even enjoyable.

Check out these resources to see how Living Room Conversations skills to practice loving and connecting with your family, even when you don’t like what they believe.