From Intra- to Inter-racial Conversations

A Conversational Pathway Around Race

We celebrate the desire to have conversations about race in racially diverse groups, and also acknowledge that it can be of value to have intra-racial conversations prior to coming together for interracial dialogue.

This pathway invites a group of racially diverse people to begin by having conversations within their own racial affinity groups. [If you’re curious about why we offer conversation guides for specific racial groups, check out Part 1 and Part 2 of our discussion, Let’s Talk About Race: Inner Group Conversations.]  

White folks are invited to talk about Being White in the Racial Justice Movement, while Black folks have the opportunity to discuss the emotions stirred up following George Floyd & Breonna Taylor’s murders, and people of color can dialogue together about their experiences of race and racism.

We then offer the chance to come together, reflecting on racial experiences together in an interracial conversation after safely processing with ones own intra-racial conversation group. 

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