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FAITH COMMUNITIES AND COVID-19: This is a time of transition for Faith Communities all across the world. How can we continue to connect with one another across distance? How can we invite people to share deeply and intimately, so we can maintain community and care for one another?

Living Room Conversations can serve your community during this time. This proven practice can support conversation among friends, neighbors and relatives who may feel isolated or fearful. Visit our Coronavirus Resources page. Find small group discussion guides, host training materials for folks who want additional guidance, and inspirational news and stories to keep heart during this moment. Watch Pastor Pedro Silva discuss how he keeps his faith community connected safely. Have questions? Please contact our Faith Communities Team using the form below.

Faith Communities Support Team

Jane Grossman
Faith Partner

Reverend Pedro Silva
Faith Partner

Watch how Vineyard Church in Boise, Idaho has implemented Living Room Conversations to help create a sacred place of care and listening. 

Learn how Pastor Pedro Silva is using Living Room Conversations to stay connected despite physical distancing amidst this global pandemic.

Getting Started

Interested in starting a Living Room Conversations community in your congregation? Have other questions? Feel free to reach out to our faith partners through the contact form below.

Read more about how to have your own Living Room Conversation – including best practices and a step-by-step process – by clicking the button below.