We care about elections because we can choose our leaders and our vote to reflect our better values. During an election season it’s easy to feel bombarded by political yard signs, social media posts, news stories, and campaign advertisements. We can get caught up in confirmation bias by only interacting with those who agree with us or choose to create opportunities to listen, connect, and build understanding across political differences. 

Living Room Conversations has all sorts of resources to help you have thoughtful conversations about politics.

The goal isn’t to change minds, but you most likely will develop a deeper understanding of your own views and some appreciation for views that are different than your own. We don’t have to agree on everything to care about one another and work together on challenges we face.

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This is a time for us to get uncomfortable and lean into the hard conversations to understand why people we care about see the world differently from us. We might be afraid, but we need to do it anyway.

Political Guides

Note: When talking politics, engaging only with people who hold similar views can lead to further entrenchment of our own beliefs and more polarization. One way to create political balance is to invite a friend with differing politics to co-host the conversation. Each co-host can invite two friends. Consider finding a co-host with differing political beliefs and look to enhance your conversation with all kinds of differences – age, culture, political leaning, gender – what voices are you most interested to hear from? What voices might best enrich your conversation?

Building a Foundation

Discussing Structures and Systems

Digging In

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Money and Politics

Election 2020: Moving Forward Together

Polarized Issues

Political diversity is essential to some conversations, especially with polarized topics. We encourage you to take extra care to include people who hold different political views. Click through these great resources below including examples of conversations, articles, and news stories. Then, check out our conversation guides related to these topics.


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Friends and Family Tip Sheet

This tip sheet can help you use Living Room Conversations skills to practice loving and connecting with your family, even when you have differing views on politics and more.

Partner Resources

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