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Conversations in Troubled Times

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Conversations in Troubled Times

How has the recent news affected you? And people you love?

Disruption, tragedy and conflict are part of our human story. Whether in our own backyard or internationally, deep histories of trauma and loss can make it difficult to speak about current events. For some people the hurt or anger or frustration or fear are simply too present for conversation on the topic to be helpful or even possible. When a beloved person dies, sometimes all we can do is express sympathy. Talk may come later. How can we balance the need for immediate action with the ability to check in, listen, and support each other. How do you honor a complex history or context as well as personal connections to troubling events?

In preparation for this conversation, take a moment to reflect on the following questions and share your thoughts with the group:
Are there things that are too painful for you to talk about right now? Can we agree to leave these topics out of this particular conversation?
How did you make the decision to have this conversation? Is there something you want the group to know about that process?

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