Conversation Classifieds

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Our Conversation Classifieds are here to help you find people to participate in Living Room Conversations! Simply fill out the Conversation Classifieds form and your request for participants will be posted to this page.

**The Conversation Classifieds are submitted by anyone and everyone who would like to be involved in organizing a Living Room Conversation. These conversations are not endorsed or hosted by the Living Room Conversations organization or staff. Living Room Conversations is not responsible for organizing the conversations or responsible for anything that may happen in a conversation. We trust that everyone follows the Conversation Agreements and is appropriate when connecting via email or other contact methods. 

If you would like to experience a Living Room Conversation prior to organizing your own group or joining a conversation listed here, you can join a conversation on our events calendar.  

Conversation Classifieds

One-Time Conversations

Check out Junto to browse and join one-time conversations scheduled by the public; you can also schedule your own!

Junto is our preferred video conversation platform, with features including video calls, built-in topic guides and timers, and event scheduling, all in one. It’s also in beta testing, so any feedback you have about your experience will help make it better. 🙂

Special Events

No special events yet. Let us know about yours to list it here!

Regularly Scheduled Groups

Barry: “I have an ongoing conversation zoom group- conversations to the edge- focus of group varies, political and social issues, participants often make presentations, try to make this a personal group where people get to know each other. Meets at 4pm PST Sundays, not every Sunday, but often. Participants are from all over- Puerto Rico, New York, Florida, Arizona, Oregon, California. If you email, please put conversations in the subject heading. Myself- retired professor, having facilitated many groups. Specialize in finding interesting persons.”

Please email to be connected with Barry!

Irene: “I am looking forward to meaningful conversations where I can learn different sides to issues.” She is interested in having a conversation using the “Alone – Solitude or Isolation?” guide.

Please email to be connected with Irene!

Hosting Resources Quick Menu

The Six Conversation Agreements are the common thread of ALL Living Room Conversations. You can read more about them HERE.

Click Here to view and sign-up for our upcoming “How to Organize and Host Zoom-Based Conversations” trainings!

Does your group need to have a balanced and productive conversation about an important and/or sticky issue? We can help you design conversation materials that maximize collaborative problem-solving and relationship-building across differences. CLICK HERE to learn more about our paid services. 

If you would like to create your own topic you can click the link to read more!

The Host Toolkit will walk you through the process of having a Living Room Conversation.

We offer Living Room Conversation guides for free! In return, we ask that you share your upcoming or recent Living Room Conversations by clicking the link so that we may support, recognize, and learn from your efforts.

We LOVE to hear feedback about how conversations went. We want to hear it all, the good, the bad, and anything else you have to say. It would be greatly appreciated if you would fill out a feedback form by clicking here.   If you use one of our free Zoom lines you will receive a feedback form through email when your conversation is complete!

We have a number of zoom lines available for you to host your own Living Room Conversation. In order to make it easy and accessible for anyone to host an online conversation, we use a platform called Calendly. This will allow you access to one of our paid Zoom accounts. To schedule a time slot, click on the date you would like to hold your conversation and then a time.

You can also use AllSides Connect. Some benefits of AllSides Connect are that it has a built in platform for viewing the conversation guide during the conversation, a timer, and you can use the link at any time rather than just at the scheduled time.