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Being a good conversationalist is not something you just are or are not. We can all improve our conversation skills with concentrated time and effort. But how? Where to begin?

Well, we have good news, we’ve completed the first step for you!

Those wanting to grow their practice or deep dive into the power of conversation can now join our Connecting Through Conversation Course. This course will prepare you to bring better conversation to all aspects of your lives and better connect with others through conversation. Over four weeks you will take an in-depth dive into crucial conversation skills including empathy, listening, and communicating with care.

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This course is offered several times throughout the year. Fill out the form below to be informed when the next registration opens!


  • The cost for the Connecting Through Conversation Online Course is $150.00. The skills you will learn, however, are priceless.

  • Scholarships are available and will be awarded based on need and available funding.

  • Group discounts are available for groups of 3 or more. This is a great opportunity for coworkers, family members, or community groups to build relationships and grow in communication skills at the same time.


  • As you explore skills like listening, curiosity, empathy and asking good questions, you will be better positioned to strengthen your relationships through conversation.

  • You will learn how to bring others together and can confidently have the conversations you may be avoiding or wish you were having.

  • You will receive an official Living Room Conversations Connecting Through Conversations Course Certificate of Completion that looks great on resumes and LinkedIn profiles!

  • All course materials and resources are available to download/save for future use.


  • You will be able to work through the content at your own pace over the course of 4 weeks with continued support and encouragement by trained Living Room Conversations staff.

  • Each week, you will have the opportunity to join a Living Room Conversation to practice the skills you are learning and build lasting connections.


scholarships & discounts

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Scholarships are available! 

We understand that everyone has different financial situations and Living Room Conversations is committed to doing all that we can to ensure that you are able to take the course if you desire. Email cassidy@livingroomconversations.org for more information.

Groups and organizations that have 3 or more registrants can receive a group discount using promo code GROUP25 on the payment page.

I recall how excited I was for this course to open since I knew it would help me improve my conversation skills based on how the course content was described on the website. Thank you to the generous donors who made this course feasible for me; without a scholarship, I would not have been able to
complete it.


Withdrawal notification must be made by email to cassidy@livingroomconversations.org at least five working days before the first day of class for a refund. Any changes to your enrollment will result in an administrative fee of $25.