bringing conversations to your community

Living Room Conversations is a great way to increase belonging, connection, and understanding in your community! Our conversation guides adapt well to your needs whether you’re trying to advocate for a specific topic, respond to what’s going on in your community, or trying to help more people and groups feel included.

Below are examples of communities that have successfully used and benefited from Living Room Conversations. Dig in deeper by checking out the community pages below.

Did you know we had an 18-month project researching how Living Room Conversations benefit communities?

Some of the immediate impacts on individuals included:

  • improved mindset and listening skills
  • participants learned something new every conversation

Community impacts included that Living Room Conversations:

  • counter the narrative of the US being
    “hopelessly divided”
  • can shift the power dynamic (‘us vs them,’
    ‘powerful vs. powerless’) of different groups,
    community roles, etc.

community testimonials