AllSides for Schools

A joint partnership between Living Room Conversations and AllSides

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Preparing students to participate thoughtfully in democracy - and in life.

How can teachers engage in current events and controversial topics without causing serious divisions in the classroom or being charged with bias? How can teachers prepare students with the skills and knowledge they need to navigate modern media, social networks, and their in-person relationships?

AllSides for Schools helps educators have these discussions and teach essential skills in critical thinking, collaboration, listening and respectful discourse, media and digital literacy and social-emotional learning. Our unique focus on building relationships and revealing multiple viewpoints across the political spectrum avoids the potential problems with bias and disrespecting individual beliefs.


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Lesson plans, online interactive tools and in-class programs


Foster skills in critical thinking, civil dialog, and collaboration.

Teach media literacy: how to read the news and social media.

Practice the art of civil dialog, listening and respecting others even when we disagree

Support Social Emotional Learning (SEL)


Educators, students, debate clubs.

Grade Level

Grades 6-12 and college.

Class Subjects

Language Arts (English, Speaking and Listening, Argumentative Writing, Debate), Social Sciences and History, Government and Civics

Can be used for any subject but particularly designed for controversial topics in politics, elections and public affairs.